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Here's everything I know.

Today, April 22nd

9:00 PM Dirt Friends, Pleasures, Ned & the Dirt

Wednesday, April 25th

9:00 PM Panic Baby, M Crane, Juju Fontaine

Thursday, April 26th

9:00 PM Alhhla, westOasis, Language Barrier, Dani Boi

Saturday, April 28th

9:00 PM Igor & the Red Elvises, The Delta Bombers

Monday, April 30th

9:00 PM Justin Howl


Friday, April 20th: Opossum Sun Trail, JL6, La Cerca.

Thursday, April 19th: The Lique, with Dj Roch.

Tuesday, April 17th: Glove.

Tuesday, April 17th: Panorama Piano Trio.

Saturday, April 14th: 1st Annual Tucson Acoustic Lottery.

That's all I know!