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Here's everything I know.

Friday, April 6th

8:00 PM Otis, Big Mean, Old Fashion Assassin

Saturday, April 7th

8:00 PM Tiki Bandits, The Distortionists, Cicada

Wednesday, April 11th

8:00 PM Steaksauce Mustache, Florida Man, Low Roads, the Mindless

Friday, April 13th

8:00 PM The Roilers, Double Darre, Phil Free Band

Saturday, April 14th

8:00 PM Respect the Underground

Wednesday, April 18th

8:00 PM Americas, Antiphony, Grimm

Thursday, April 19th

8:00 PM El Myrons, Ted Riviera's Gunrunners

Friday, April 20th

8:00 PM Till I Fall, Cement Shoes, Yum!

Saturday, April 21st

8:00 PM Ghost In the Willow, Damn The Weather, Still Life Telescope, Glass Walls

Thursday, April 26th

8:00 PM Lucifer the Cat, Wendigo Crossing, Snout

Friday, April 27th

8:00 PM Highest Conspiracy, Clint Stevens, Habitual Resonance, Flying Half Full

Saturday, April 28th

8:00 PM La Merma, Mosto

Saturday, May 5th

8:00 PM Stereoglass, Manhigh, Ovesic


Saturday, March 31st: The 2nd Annual Tucson Battle Of The Beats Drum Tournament.

Friday, March 30th: Swarm Of Serpents, Capricorn Tenebrarum, Shadows Of Algol, Cerulean.

Saturday, March 24th: Raza Ordinaria, Mosto (Nogalas), Nico Maleon.

Friday, March 23rd: Toxin, X-Method, Napalm Strike, The Sindicate, Broken.

Wednesday, March 14th: Tzimani, Breaker Breaker, Amoras Bane, The Mindless.

That's all I know!